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Fab Find-Wedding Planner

Have you ever dream of having a planner design your wedding and bring the picture in your head to life? Wedding planners can be expensive but incredibly helpful, with insight into your big day that is priceless. Now you can have a wedding planner at your finger tips without spending loads of money. I found a website called LoveDetailed.Com they help you pick out and purchase everything you need from floral designs to themes….

How does it work? Well, with the help of wedding expert, Linda Howard, you choose a design package that will help you design your dream wedding in an easy and affordable way.  Each package includes detailed  descriptions and images to recreate the look you want, and gives you the tools and tips to tie everything together…

“Linda is renowned for her exquisitely detailed events, custom-tailored for her upscale Los Angeles clientele. With over 20 years of experience, Linda prides herself on creating unforgettable weddings. Whether set in gardens forested in hydrangeas or ballrooms showered in crystals, Linda is known for making perfection a priority and infusing each detail with magic. It’s no surprise brides rave that Linda is a true expert at what she does.”

All you have to do is take the complete a quick style profile and select your favorite images. Then Linda, will put together a design package just for you. The package cost $49.00 and includes, detailed images of your stationary suite, escort cards, floral arrangements, place seating, table decor, dessert bar and party favors, Access to shop the products shown in your design to re-create the look, tools and tips to implement the designs, and essential how-to’s, countdown calendar and monthly to-do reminders.

My favorite feature: Once you have the package and the look, you can actually purchase the items you fall in love with right there on the website to help pull the whole design together.

Another favorite feature: You can create a registry for the items you want to purchase to get your look, so that friends and family can help you make your dream wedding a reality.

This program is so user friendly, and incredibly helpful! Go Check it out!

You can follow at Facebook.Com/LoveDetailed or on Twitter @lovedetailed



New 2014 Wedding Value Date Sale!

2014 value dates


Call and Book Your Wedding TODAY!!!

Congrats Are In Order!

Congratulations to Jordan and Her Family

From Manalapan, NJ

On Celebrating her Bat Mitzvah

Happy Birthday and Mazeltov!

From all of here at Battleground!

Congrats Are In Order!

Congratulations go out to our Newlyweds:

Lisa & Stephen, from Abingdon, MD

We wish you years of happiness and many blessings in your new life together!

From all of us here at Battleground!

New 2014 Wedding Value Date Sale!!

2014 value dates

FAB Find-MissNowMrs.Com-The Online Name Changing Solution!

This weeks Fab Find features a great website called, and is designed to help brides transition from Miss to Mrs. with an easy and user friendly online name change solution. Founded in 2006, the website has helped over 150,000 with their name changes. The founder, Danielle Tate, designed the website as a result of her own personal experiences. Making New Beginnings Easier

“… After several trips to government offices and quite a few tears, my husband and I decided that there should be a name change service that simplified the entire process for brides and newlyweds nationwide! My pain, your gain.

We’ve personally and painstakingly researched the name change procedure for each state and broken it into three easy steps: Questions, Forms & File. Your account will guide you through all three steps in 30 minutes, saving you the approximate 13 hours associated with struggling through name change form research and completion on your own. Don’t have everything ready? Don’t stress, you can sign up now and you’ll have up to six months to complete the process. is more than a website, we’re a group of experts devoted to making your name change process a breeze. We make sure that your forms and filing instructions are the most up-to-date versions available. Consider us your name change fairy godmothers! Should you have any questions about your name change please feel free to contact us at or 800.301.9296 or via live chat.”

The cost for the package is $29.95 and all it takes are 3 easy steps.

After you create your account, you’ll go to the Questions Page, where you’ll be asked a series of general questions. Based upon your answers, our intuitive service will ask you other questions based upon the requirements of your state and the appropriate forms.  Your answers on the Questions Page will be used to complete the appropriate forms, including Social Security, US Passport, State Driver’s License, USPS and State Voter Registration forms, as well as letters to notify your creditors (credit cards and loans). You’ll be able to preview and proof these forms within your account as they’re completed.Once you have proofread your forms, you can click to print each form and its detailed filing instruction sheet. The instruction sheet includes the order of form submission, fees, required filing documents, office locations/addresses, as well as insider tips on how to file the easiest way possible.

Gift cards can also be purchased on the website as gifts for the newlywed bride!

The website has been featured in numerous bridal and wedding magazines and blogs, including ours! Gift Cards can also be purchased at local supporting Davids Bridal Shops!

You can also follow them on Facebook at MissNowMrs and twitter @MissNowMrscom

Be sure to check it out- www.MissNowMrs.Com

Upcoming Bridal Show

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Congrats Are In Order!

Congratulations to our first newlyweds of the year!

Lauren and Ken, from East Brunswick, NJ!

We wish you Happiness and many Blessings in your new life together!

From all of here at Battleground!


New Wedding Trends for 2014!

So since its 2014 and we are in the midst of Valentines Day on the 14th, I thought i would come up with 14 wedding trends we are looking forward to seeing this year!

1. Color Trends For 2014: Purple and pinks are going to be the craze this year. According to  Tara Guerard at Bridal Guide Magazine, Peaches, blushes and nudes will be the perfect color to accent your wedding, with bridesmaids dresses, flowers and accents. Be aware, this does not include Pepto-Bismol pink!  These are the colors that will give that ultra-luxe soiree feel to any event.  According to Bobbi Brown, celebrity stylist and cosmetic entrepreneur, purple and purple hazes will be the rage in terms of makeup this spring. Utilizing different shades for eyeshadows, hairpieces and jewelry will give you that fresh spring look!

2. Pattern Trends for 2014: Last year it was all about chevrons, this year we want big bold stripes and light delicate floral patterns for a more playful look instead of the hard-edged looks.

3.Themed Weddings: This was just started to gain some momentum at the end of last year. With big  movies like The Great Gatsby, showcasing big bands, crystal and pearls and over the top decor, its no wonder people are jumping on the band wagon. Brides are continually looking for inspiration, and there nothing better then glitz and glam and feathers to get the creative juices flowing.

4. Small Invitations: The petite invites are becoming quite popular. The look of the dainty cards makes them look sweet  and precious. The most popular and requested is something smaller than a typically 5×7.

5. Sparkle Cake: We are seeing sparkle everywhere from invites, to centerpieces to the cake.  You can do something whimsical using fine fairy dust on alternating tiers or you can bling it out with ribbon or disco ball sparkle.

6. Seasonal Flavors: Spring is coming and there is nothing better than citrus flavors to help you get in to the warm weather. So brides are using those warm flavors throughout their menu, cake and signature drinks. Lemon, orange and pomegranate are popular this season.

7. Marquees: This year we are planning on seeing alot of marquee decor gracing the reception rooms. Words spelling out the couples names or simple words like “LOVE” These make a cute statement and add a bit of bling without going overboard.

8.Dramatic back dresses: Get ready to show off your curves with new dramatic cuts and sleek fabrics on this years bridal gowns.

9. Lace: Raid your grandma’s closet, because lace is very in this year! This delicate fabric can add such a romantic touch to anything.

10.Slow-Motion Booths: Everyone knows about photo booths and vintage photo booths, now there are “Slow-motion” booths. These work in the opposite way that a photo booth would. It uses an infra-red camera to take special shots and creates some incredible keepsakes.

11. Flip-book Booths: These innovate booths take an 8 second video of the guests. The images are then printed and placed in a flip book as a keepsake.

12. All Nighter Weddings: These are coming back in favor with brides. Your reception is finished and you and your guests can continue the party late into the night in another room or another location.

13.Charging Stations: Now that instagramming is a hot thing, brides want their guests to be ready with the smartphones in order to upload and #hashtag. So charging stations help keep the guests clicking away.

14.Outdoor Weddings: These are making a comeback. Outdoor weddings have a romantic appeal, so wooded or barn areas are a nice way to have that rustic wedding.